Wellbeing: the Process

Since 2021, we in the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome have been working together with the UniNEtZ project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Salzburg on a project that is now called

Wellbeing – a good life in a world full of crises

Several processes are planned, in which initially 3 regions, 30 medium-sized and 300 small enterprises or organisations as well as 3000 people will be accompanied on this path.

We are still looking for pioneers (companies, regions, countries…) who want to embark on this journey with us!

The actors can focus on a specific goal, such as poverty reduction, equality, climate change, circular economy or full employment.

The Austria-wide process started in May 2022 with an expert workshop with Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker at the Austrian National Bank.

Two funded projects (with still somewhat unwieldy titles “SDGVisionPath” and “Measuring Climate Change Adaptation Comprehensively“), which are now also described on the website of the University for Applied Art, .

We are also in talks with several regions in Austria to accompany them in the corresponding processes. We start from concrete goals, strategies or challenges of the respective region and accompany decision-makers and stakeholders in managing the transformation.

Finally, we also use the concepts we have developed in teaching at universities as well as at special events such as the  Ars Electronica 2022.


The Wellbeing-Project of the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome.