Archive 2023

Archive 2022

19. December 2022 World Energy Outlook by Fatih Birol (at the TU Vienna, in English)

8. September 2022 “Earth for All: A Survival Guide for Humanity” @ Future Lab Day – Ars Electronica Festival 2022

22. June 2022 “Kultur der Nachhaltigkeit | Nachhaltigkeit der Kultur | Nachhaltigkeit durch Kultur” (DonauUni Krems, in German language)

15. June 2022 “Energy transition for all” – How much energy for a net zero economy? (17:00 – 20:00, TU Wien)

2. Mai 2022 “Give peace a chance – give our world a future”

28. Februar 2022 “Mind the gap – wo ist die Lücke im Kreislauf?”

Newest Posts for Events (German & English)

  • Biennale 2023: Laboratory for the future
    This year’s Venice Biennale is focused on building in the face of climate catastrophe and social and economic inequalities. But this time the focus is not so much on building itself, but on the social conditions and consequences of building.
  • Session at the SDG Summit 2023 in New York
    We present at September 20, 2023: Research and art for participatory paths to SDG future visions in the context of Earth4All and regional reference to Austria and Kenya.
  • Growth – For what and for whom?
    The motto of this year’s European Tolerance Talks in Fresach was “Growth at the end – what now?”. As President of the Board of Trustees of these talks, Hannes Swoboda gave an opening speech.
  • What future do we see for our communities?
    The 1st International meeting of a working group to create wellbeing economies locally.
  • For a cooperation at eye level
    “It must be a real cooperation – also for the benefit of Africa,” said Hannes Swoboda on Jan. 30, 2023, at our event “European Partnerships for Green Hydrogen with Africa” in the Reiter Hall of the OeKB in Vienna.
  • The Club of Rome at the Ars Electronica Festival 2022
    50 years after “Limits to Growth”, a new report is published that tries to give a positive outlook despite all the problems. Earth4All is the name of the new work and will be published at the end of August. We will present it in Linz.
  • How much energy for a net zero economy?
    Dr. Michael Losch explains the background, issues and difficulties of an “energy transition for all” as a follow-up report of the event on 15.6.2022.