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The independent and non-partisan Association for the Promotion of the Club of Rome – Austrian Chapter invites you to dialogue in order to jointly shape the future of the Earth in a sustainable way that promotes life. We coordinate the activities of the international think tank Club of Rome in Austria. To this end, we create spaces for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Our members share their valuable knowledge and experience from many important fields. We organize projects and events on topics such as economic growth, energy policy, resource management, labor, and demography. Join the discussion, get involved, and support us. Come with us from thinking and talking to doing!

The vision of the Club of Rome is an interconnected world that overcomes the numerous crises and promotes the well-being of all – well-being – in a healthy ecosystem through a new way of being human.

The mission of the Club of Rome is to apply holistic, interdisciplinary, and long-term thinking

– to achieve a better state of society and planet;

– to move towards more equitable economic, financial, and socio-political models;

– to involve as many people as possible in any systemic change;

– and to address the current crises.

As a think tank on future issues, the Club of Rome was already ahead of its time with its 1972 report, “The Limits to Growth”. Today, humanity faces the threat of systemic collapse on many fronts. Decades of exponential population and economic growth without global coordination are now colliding with the limits of the Earth’s biosphere and destabilizing the foundations of intelligent life.

We are in a historically pivotal decade in which inaction may lead to passing irreversible Earth tipping points. The world’s response to the global pandemic offers an opportunity to bring about the necessary change. This same pandemic has highlighted how interdependent we humans are.

The Club of Rome urges necessary transformations so that society overcomes the emergency and embarks on a new way of being human that promotes the well-being of all.

We are looking for a paradigm shift from the destructive path humanity is currently on. The planetary emergency of climate change is a symptom of this destructive path of growth at all costs, as well as increasing structural inequalities.

At a time when the youth of the world are expressing their discomfort with a lack of leadership and action on important systemic issues, we need vibrant intergenerational dialogue to create shared solutions.


Dr. Martin Hoffmann, Secretary General
Dr. Nathalie Spittler, Workshop support

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