Wellbeing: the Report

Since 2021, we in the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome have been working together with the UniNEtZ project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Salzburg on a project that is now called

Wellbeing – a good life in a world full of crises

This is to become a report to the Club of Rome by 2024 in order to make a concrete contribution to the international  Club of Rome‘s  Earth4All initiative: accelerating the systemic change we need for a good life in a just future on a finite planet.

In addition to a literature study and interviews with internationally renowned experts, a detailed, publishable documentation of the process (in texts and videos), a manual on how this methodology can be applied in other companies, regions and countries, as well as specific leading indicator systems as a result of the processes in selected companies and regions will be produced. These are embedded in the future images and stories developed by the stakeholders and also enable a review of the successes in the form of regular reports on the development of a “well-being economy”.


The Wellbeing-Project of the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome.