Wellbeing: Background and Concept

In order for all people on earth to be able to live well in the future, it is necessary to set goals at the individual, national and global level that describe qualitatively and quantitatively what kind of future we want. and from this to develop positive images and stories of the future at all levels (from the individual to the world as a whole).

On the other hand, this also requires a strict metric to determine whether I myself, whether a company, a region, a country is moving towards sustainability or not. In principle, the method should be applicable to all regions, companies, organisations and countries, but also for specific topics (e.g. climate change, health, circular economy) and be able to be aggregated in order to make it possible to describe the respective contribution of the individual, the company or a country to the (non-)achievement of the goals (in the same way as GDP can be understood as an aggregation of the income of people, companies, sectors or regions).

In this way, the “good life for all” in the sense of “Leave no One Behind” can be concretised under the conditions of extreme poverty and inequality, economic and environmental crises, and the success of corresponding implementation steps can be evaluated in a holistic sense with the help of a set of comprehensive leading indicators. This is particularly important in times of an economy that is no longer growing and in view of the current crises of pandemic and war and in the face of climate change and species extinction.

Since 2021, we in the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome have been working together with the UniNEtZ project at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the University of Salzburg on a project that is now called

Wellbeing – a good life in a world full of crises

Daraus soll bis 2024 ein Bericht an den Club of Rome werden, um damit einen konkreten Beitrag zur Initiative Earth4All des internationalen Club of Rome zu leisten: die Beschleunigung des Systemwandels, den wir für das gute Leben in einer gerechten Zukunft auf einem endlichen Planeten brauchen. 


The Wellbeing-Project of the Austrian Chapter of the Club of Rome.