An event on the topic of circular economy

We invite you to a conference with Matthew Fraser on February 28th, 2022 starting at 2 pm. Fraser is one of the authors of the Circularity Gap Report, and a high-profile panel with representatives from business and academia. A cooperation with the EU-Environment Office, RepaNet, and the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, which will take place at the Natural History Museum Vienna and will be streamed as an online event via YouTube.


  • The climate crisis can only be overcome through the consistent implementation of an ambitious circular economy.
  • Only if we look beyond the narrow energy focus of current climate pledges by nations can we make a real impact.
  • There can be no environmental justice without social justice.


Climate targets urgently require a drastic reduction in emissions. In addition to energy generation and mobility, a significant proportion of climate emissions are caused by the extraction of raw materials and the manufacture and use of the products derived from them. This means that global warming can only be kept below 2 degrees by significantly reducing resource consumption. This event will look at how we can achieve this.

In line with the Circularity Gap Report 2021, the current commitments of countries to achieve the Paris climate targets should include a globally implemented circular economy to achieve the < 2-degree target. Only a combination of circular economy and climate protection makes the achievement of the Paris climate goals possible.

With smart strategies and reduced material consumption, the circular economy is capable of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by 39% and raw material consumption by 28%. In addition, reducing resource consumption brings significant contributions to biodiversity conservation and resource equity.

Yet the globe remains shackled by outdated ‘take-make-waste’ practices. Course correction will require a major, transformational shift in systemic thinking: that major shift is the circular economy. It is much more than recycling; it represents a paradigm shift in the global understanding of economics.


13:15Admission (please arrive early at the location)
14:00Welcome: Bernhard Zlanabitnig (EU-Environment Office & EEB), DG Katrin Vohland (NHM), SC Christian Holzer (BMK)
14:15Key note by Matthew Fraser (Circle Economy, Amsterdam), the findings of the Circularity Gap Report.
 Karin Huber-Heim (Circular Economy Forum Austria)
Willi Haas (BOKU)
Marcel Krejc (Matwash)
Rainer Schultheis (SAPHENUS)
Karl Kienzl (BMK)
Moderation: Harald Friedl (Circular Economy Accelerator Austria)
16:45Wrap-up by Matthias Neitsch (Repanet & RREUSE) &
Friedrich Hinterberger (Club of Rome – Austrian Chapter)
17:00End and finish with buffet

Notice: Program subject to change. Key-note and Q&A in English, panel discussion in German.