Mag.a Sabine Gaber, Vice President

Bild von Mag.a Sabine Gaber

Ms. Mag. Sabine Gaber studied international business administration and has implemented numerous complex projects as part of her more than 25 years of professional work in internationally active commercial banks and as a board member of the Oesterreichische Entwicklungbank AG (OeEB).

She is currently working on the strategic implementation of private sector projects in developing and emerging countries that generate a development policy impact and can be implemented in a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable manner. The contribution of projects to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals is particularly important to her.

As a board member of OeEB, Ms. Gaber is a member of the board of the European Development Banks (EDFIs: European Development Finance Institutions) and is represented in other international project groups and strategic EU initiatives.